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We experience life and we collect memories. But we also leave private data in all our apps and services. Zynapp collects and keeps it for only you to find and explore, the same way your brain works.

View your stuff in a smarter way

Zynapp lets you view content from your other apps and services in new visual ways that makes it a lot easier to find the stuff that's related.

Collecting data from your apps

Zynapp connects to your apps and services and automatically downloads and organizes all digital data that you create.

How does it work?

Zynapp automatically downloads the content from your favorite apps and services and tags every little piece of data in the background.

Your information in one place

The first thing you will notice when you start using Zynapp is that you are now able to view all your content together in one place, in one view. Either in a timeline, on a map, in a list or in the special contact view.

Find your content in a smart way

The second thing you will start using is filtering. Now, that’s quite a cool way of finding what you are looking for, because you can filter all your content by any type or tag while you switch between the different views. Just unmark a filter and you will to see it all again!

Organize stuff your way

Zynapp adds tags for content that is somehow connected so it shows up together. You can decide which content is related and organize your stuff the way you like. Zynapp learns how you want it and constantly improves in automagically sorting things where they belong!