Push notifications

We use push notifications to communicate with you regarding the app. Both for functionality- and marketing reasons. If you have consented to receiving push notifications you will get a notification when:

Categories of data subjects
Users of Zynapp.

Categories of personal data
The personal data we process in regards to the push notifications is information about which Mixpanel-ID:s has consented to push notifications. It is not possible to connect that information to a specific user within Mixpanel.

Legal basis for processing
Consent. The user is asked for consent to receive push notifications when opening the app. Consent can be withdrawn at any time through the device’s push notifications settings.

In some aspects performance of a contract is also a legal base for processing since the majority of the notifications are regarding the app performance and functionality.

Storage period
We store the information about consent in Mixpanel for one (1) year.

Data processors involved
Mixpanel - our tool for user analytics.