All of our data processors – and why we have them

In order for Zynapp to handle our day-to-day business and keep the Application running we need some help from our friends listed below. Many of them are companies from outside the EU in which case we have made sure to have proper safeguards in place.

For example, we have made sure that all of them have an active participation in the EU/US Privacy Shield Agreement (which we also have a routine to follow up every three months) and we also have data processing agreements in place. 

In some cases we have also asked for a ISO 27000-certification for information security, or the corresponding documentation.

Atlassian PTY Ltd
We use the Atlassian product called Jira to log customer support issues, make sure they are resolved and followed up properly.

We use EY Sweden for salaries and invoices.

Microsoft Corporation
We use Microsoft Outlook for internal and external communication, the Outlook Calendar calendar and Sharepoint/Teams. We have internal guidelines stating that no personal data regarding our users shall be stored in Sharepoint, Teams or the calendar (except for email addresses used for marketing activities) and we also have guidelines stating, among other things, that no incoming or outgoing email should be kept if not needed going forward.

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
IBM is our cloud service provider. All servers are kept within the EU.

Slack Technologies, Inc.
Slack is the tool we use for internal communication within Zynapp. Personal data may be processed here for example when an employee needs the email address to a contact at one of our data processors from a colleague. User data is sometimes processed here when an employee posts a Jira card with a customer support issue for example in order to get assistance with the specific issue. The user data shown in Slack is in this case the name of the person reporting the issue to Zynapp.

The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a MailChimp
MailChimp is the email distributor used when Zynapp sends newsletters to users, emails for marketing purposes or information updates – for example we use it when sending email regarding changes in this Privacy Policy.

We use the services of the team at RG19/LOAD to get help monitoring our systems at all times and report any alarms to Zynapp. Where applicable, they also act on some alarms to get us back to normal conditions.

Mixpanel, Inc.
Mixpanel is a tool we use to anonymously track and analyze usage patterns in the app. In order to better understand how the app is being used and where new and existing users get stuck.

Zalster AB
Zalster is an optimization tool for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, that makes it easier for us to find people that are interested in our app.

Social media
Zynapp has a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. In regards to any contact you have with us through these channels, the provisions of the GDPR also apply.

GetAccept AB
Zynapp uses the services of GetAccept for e-signing of agreements with employees, consultants, partners etc.

Fortnox AB
​​​​​​​Zynapp uses Fortnox for invoices and receipts.