The personal data processed for marketing purposes

The purpose of processing personal data in this case is to make sure people know about Zynapp as a company and our application, in order to gain more users and media attention. 

In order for us to keep track of the number of app installs in our advertising on Facebook and Instagram, with the primary purpose of attracting new users to our app, we share information about app installs with Facebook.

This type of data sharing is made possible with something called a ”Facebook Pixel”. Furthermore, this information is used to gain more insights about our audience and to analyze the effectiveness of our paid social advertising efforts.

Categories of data subjects
Users of Zynapp, former users or potential users who have signed up for early access accounts or in other ways provided us with their contact information because of an interest in us, what we do and our Application, users who have downloaded our Application after clicking on an ad on Facebook.

Categories of personal data

Legal basis for processing
Zynapp’s legitimate interest in conducting marketing as a profit-making company. The legitimate interest by Zynapp to use the Facebook pixel has been determined in a report made internally, after doing careful studies on how using consent affected our business in terms of cost and understanding of our target groups. The full report is available to whomever is interested in learning more, just email us at This will not affect any existing Zynapp users.

Storage period
We will store your email address for as long as you want to keep receiving emails from us. We are not able to store your Facebook user name since that information is only accessible to Facebook.

Data processors involved
For more specific information about the data processors listed, please read the “All of our data processors – and why we have them”-section of the Privacy Policy.