The personal data processed when in contact with us

The purpose of processing is to communicate with you in relation to your possible problems with the Application and/or to answer your questions regarding the Application, Zynapp as a company, our Privacy Policy and/or Terms of use, when you contact us to exercise your rights according to the GDPR (and this Privacy Policy) and any other questions or concerns you may have.

Categories of data subjects
Primarily Zynapp users, but it could also be other interested parties such as stakeholders and journalists.

Categories of personal data
Name and contact information, in most cases the contact information provided is email addresses since that is how we receive most of our support issues or questions. It also involves any personal data you chose to provide, which means it potentially could involve special categories of personal data.

Legal basis for processing
When it comes to all customer support-related issues our legal basis for processing is that we have an agreement with you as a user. Part of that agreement is to make sure your Application works well for you and to answer any questions you may have. When a support issue is resolved we keep the Jira card created for the specific issue based on our legitimate interest of being able to go back and see previous issues and if the specific customer has had similar issues in recent time.

The legal basis for processing personal data when you want to exercise any of your rights is that we are complying with a legal obligation.

Any other contact regarding those with whom we do not have an agreement and who do not wish to exercise their right we base on our legitimate interest to be a transparent organization that you can always contact and receive answers from in regards to how we operate and why.

Storage period
In accordance with our internal guidelines regarding email, we delete the emails sent or received that are not needed by us going forward or required by law for us to keep.

The personal data in the Jira card created for customer support issues is kept for six months after the issue gets resolved by Zynapp.

Data processors involved
For more specific information about the data processors listed, please read the “All of our data processors – and why we have them”-section of the Privacy Policy.

Microsoft Outlook – our email service.

Atlassian (Jira) – our system for logging customer support issues.

Slack – our internal communication system.