If we don’t keep our word

Should you at any point feel that we do not hold up our end of the bargain in regards to the processing of your personal data, even though you’ve been in contact with us and made us aware of this, you can always make a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

Since all the data protection authorities within the EU are in constant contact with each other, you only have to contact the DPA in the country where you reside. If you are not living in Sweden, you don’t have to contact the Swedish DPA just because Zynapp is a Swedish company – your local DPA will forward your complaint and keep you posted.

Here is a link to where you will find all the current contact information to the different DPA:s.

If you want to make your complaint to the Swedish DPA, Datainspektionen, you can do so at:

Phone: +46 8-657 61 00

Email: datainspektionen@datainspektionen.se