The personal data processed in the Application


Zynapp may use the information we collect, including your personal data, for the following purposes:

Categories of data subjects
The categories of data subjects are Zynapp’s users, i.e. physical persons who created an account to use the app.

Categories of personal data
Categories of personal data processed by Zynapp may vary and depend largely on the personal data you choose to share - for example, by connecting a specific provider to your Zynapp account. Below you can find the personal information that may be processed by Zynapp, but all categories are not applicable to all users.

Information from third party applications
Zynapp may collect Personal data about you if you permit Zynapp to collect information from third party applications such as social media and applications and/or other social forums through which you may publish information and/or communicate with others.

You can choose which third party applications that you wish Zynapp to integrate with by using the switch for each third party application. Note that when you use the switch to start integration between Zynapp and a third party application you consent to Zynapp’s processing of the Personal data that Zynapp collects from the third party application.

Please note that a third party application’s use of your Personal data is governed by the third party application’s privacy policies and your settings in the relevant third party application.

Legal basis for processing
The legal basis for processing the personal data in regards to the Application is that Zynapp has an agreement with you as a user, pursuant to article 6.1.b of the GDPR. For more information, see Zynapp’s Terms of use.

Storage period
The foundation of our service is that we store all data on behalf of our users. Therefore only you yourself can authorize us to remove it. When you ask us to erase, we erase.

Data processors involved

For more specific information about the data processors listed, please read the “All of our data processors – and why we have them”-section of the Privacy Policy.