Senior Product Designer (Machine Learning)

We are looking for a thoughtful, well-grounded senior product designer with an engineer background to work together with our UX team and our machine learning and AI experts in our smartness initative. You will join us with the mission to create a platform of applications and services that will change the way millions of people live their life. You will play a leading role in our mobile design and engineering practice, developing an extraordinary well designed product, implementing a set of features that have never been seen before in any digitial service. 

Your previous experience is broad as a senior engineer and applications developer with special interest in the expanding field of machine learning but where your role within our team will be to contribute more as a senior product designer very close to the users rather than writing that brillant backend code. You will join a senior professional team that understands the virtues of being both open minded and focused while strongly comitted to delivering maximum value for the users. 

Who we are

Zynapp is an exciting Swedish mobile first start-up with high ambitions. We will, with our offerings, target the global world market of smartphones users and beyond. We want to grow fast. We have currently approximately 20 employees and full-time consultants in Karlstad, Stockholm and Gothenburg

What we are building

Our digital life is all over the place. On your camera, your phone, tablet, computer, memory cards, cloud services. And in a million apps. What if it was always at your fingertips? Our mission is to put you back in control of your digital life. We believe that finding, viewing and organizing your digital content can be done in a smarter and more visual way. We’re building what can be conceptualized as an extension of our own brain, utilizing the convenience of smart phones and their unique ability to gather your personal data regardless of type and source. While connecting your data with image and text classification and add deep machine learning, this product is scalable, helpful, intuitive and social, all at the same time.

What you’ll do

Who you are

Most welcome to apply and join us!

How to apply

Send and email to

We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspective and background will lead to a better workplace for our employees and a better product for our users.