Data collection

From where can I collect data?

Currently, you can collect data from the following apps and platforms:

Local apps supported

External apps supported

If I lose data from my devices, can I download it again from Zynapp?

Yes. However, if you want to export all of your data from Zynapp please turn to

Can I delete my other apps once I have downloaded Zynapp?

Zynapp works best together with your other apps, therefore you should not delete them. 

If I delete a photo from my, e.g. camera roll, will that photo disappear from Zynapp?

No. Once Zynapp has collected that specific photo, it’s stored on our servers and will not disappear from your Zynapp-account if you delete it from your phone.

Is it possible to connect my social accounts to Zynapp?

Connecting social accounts to Zynapp is not possible at the moment. We are working hard to satisfy customer demands, and we are exploring the possibilities to make social media available.

Will I be able to find all my data in one app?

The more providers you connect, the more data will appear in Zynapp. We are working hard to add more providers based on user demands. 

Can I collect my text messages using the iOS version of Zynapp?

Collecting text messages is only available for Android users at the moment. We are working on making this feature available for iOS as well.

Keep in mind that your privacy is very important to us. Zynapp will never sell nor distribute your personal data to a third party without your active consent. If you wish to read more you can find our privacy policy