Who we are

Zynapp is a Swedish mobile-first startup. Our business idea is to put people in control of their digital life by letting them collect, find and share their digital assets stored securely in a private vault. Launched in 2018, our app and platform is the product of a team with extensive experience in tech, telecom and marketing — as well as a response to a fast growing consumer need for privacy and getting in control of data.


The Zynapp Team

Marcus Lindstedt


Tomas Olsson


Jesper Fellenius

Co-founder & CPO

Hanna Kjellman

Privacy and Legal Officer

Marianne Lundgren


Niklas Hallqvist

Co-founder & CTO

Alexis Farmer

Senior Software Engineer

Björn Möller

Software Engineer

Felix Hallqvist

Software Engineer

Håkan Svahn

Co-founder & Head of Dev.

Joakim Lundgren

Senior System Engineer

Johan Carlberg

Senior Software Engineer

Julien Aubert

Senior Software Engineer

Kent Muck

Senior Operations Manager

Kristoffer Nolgren

Senior Product Developer

Leon Pavlov

Senior Software Engineer

Linda Eriksson

Product Project Manager

Linus Jonsheden

Community Manager

Love Wendel

Senior Product Designer

Oliver Paschetto Jensin

Community Manager