A private vault for all your data

We put people in control of their digital life by letting them collect, find and share
their digital assets stored securely in a private vault.

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How it works


Connect over 20+ popular apps and services, and collect the stuff that matters in your digital everyday life.

Stored on fast and secure servers


Zynapp uses AI and machine learning to help you find things faster. Locate any of your content with the human mind as blueprint.

AI that works for you
Find things in a more human centric way


Zynapp works with all mobile devices and operating systems. Therefore it is easy to share things seamlessly in your digital life.

Share selected data with friends
End-to-end sharing with services

Protected by DEVO

Our military-grade security standards makes it impossible for someone to access your personal information. Watch the video to learn more about our unique way to encrypt and protect data.

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The Vault


A society where the power over data belongs to the people.

Silicon valley, we have a problem. We are no longer in control of our personal information, nor our virtual identity. Something went terribly wrong along the way. Now it's time to face the facts and fix it.

The solution? Personal ownership of data, insanely safe storage and no ads. Yes, we have created the world's first private vault for all your data. For the first time ever, you are in full control of your personal data streams.

Setting up your private vault account is no rocket science. Simply claim your own vault account in the Zynapp-app and start collecting data from your favorite apps and services automatically.

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Privacy by design

Other apps and services are adapting their business models to comply with new privacy laws. At Zynapp, privacy is our business model. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Get started

  • 1
    Download Zynapp

    Zynapp is available for all mobile devices and operating systems. You can download the app from the app store and google play for free. Open the app and get started!

  • 2
    Set up your Private Vault

    Start off by creating an account using an e-mail adress that will be connected to your vault. Begin to set up your private vault by connecting the providers of choice, or data sources, with your credentials.

  • 3
    Find and share data

    You will be notified when Zynapp has stored your content safely in your vault. This will take approximately a day or less. Once the import is finished, you can start managing your digital life in a totally new way.


Get the full experience

FREE $0.00/m
    Photos & Music
    6 GB Storage
    Private & Secure
    Contacts and calendars
    Documents, E-mail, Sms & Calls
PRO BETA $14.49/m
    20+ app providers
    Unlimited Storage
    Private & Secure
    Contacts and Calendars
    Documents, E-mail, Sms & Calls

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zynapp?

Zynapp is a private vault for all your data, that helps you collect, find and share digital files and footprints. With the human mind as blueprint, Zynapp locates your data by time, places and people.

How much does it cost?

Currently, Zynapp comes in two versions: Free and Premium. You can read more about the pricing further up on this page. We do not share or sell your data in any version of the app. It's your vault.

What providers can i connect?

Currently there are 20+ providers available. For instance, you can connect to Office 365, the Google Suite, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail and more. We are continuously adding more providers.

How do I know it is secure?

Since Zynapp is a solution that collects user data, security is our top priority when developing our platform. Only you have the key to your private vault, and each and every digital footprint is encrypted separately.



Looking to strengthen your brand or service? By integrating your solution in Zynapp, you can enrich your end user's digital experience and stay relevant in the new era of privacy.

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